Digibet – Retrieve Bet From Loser Betting Ticket

Lost betting slips are annoying. Not only when they are destroyed at the last minute, but always. One knows this obviously also in the house Digibet and therefore the bettors of the bookmaker are offered as current graduation the so-called “golden ticket”. If thereby the own Bettschein is pulled, the employment was completely in vain.

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On each day of the week are drawn by Digibet coincidentally 50 lost Bettscheine from the previous week. The winning tickets are visible for 24 hours and pay back the entire bet amount. The only requirement for this is that the customers log into their betting account once.

If this does not happen, the golden ticket will unfortunately expire again. The maximum payout amount for this promotion is 100 Euro, even if the betting slip contains a larger stake. However, it is very positive that the amount is automatically transferred as real money credit. Further conditions for the payout are therefore not to be settled, whereby the offer increases again clearly in attractiveness.