Subscribe Porsche Bond At Comdirect Bank With 7.50% Interest P.A.

The Porsche company is associated with many emotions. Porsche shares can be traded on the stock exchange and a bond on Porsche shares is currently being advertised.

In recent months, Porsche shares have been able to increase slightly. As is the case with the VW Group, Porsche shares are currently trading significantly higher than they were two to three months ago. The sports car manufacturer Porsche is currently very popular in Germany. The modern SUV off-road models in particular are very popular with customers and are very popular with buyers. After the share had predominantly been listed in the range of around 55 to 60 euros per note in recent months, it is now around 65 euros and thus significantly higher than the average for the past few months. The Porsche share has a lot of potential, but this also depends on how the company will position itself in the future. It is a fact that electric mobility is also gaining in importance at Porsche, so that more consideration is being given to alternative energy sources.

Should it be possible to successfully offer some models of the current fleet or completely new models with an electric drive, this should be very successful for Porsche in the field of sports cars. Especially the very fast acceleration as well as the high range play an important role here. If the battery and storage technology makes it possible, vehicles will become interesting if, for example, they reach a range of at least 500km with one tank charge. Customers of comdirect Bank currently have the option of subscribing to a Commerzbank Protect reverse convertible bond on Porsche. The reverse convertible is a so-called Protect bond, which is equipped with appropriate barriers and securities. This distinguishes the bond clearly from many other bonds placed on the market. It should be mentioned that the bond is placed with a term of 12 months, so that the total duration of the bond is manageable. The fact is that it is possible to bet on Porsche without problems with this bond if you have a fable for the automobile world anyway and a passion for Porsche, for example.

What conditions are associated with the reverse convertible bond on Porsche?

Whoever is interested in the reverse convertible bond on Porsche will find that there are very attractive interest rates here in any case. The interest rate of 7.50% p.a. is significantly lower than for other bonds, which may also have something to do with the risk classification. Basically, the Porsche bond has a barrier. This will be observed on the valuation date, 20 November 2020. The barrier is 90%, which means that if the price of the share touches or even falls below the barrier on the cut-off date, instead of your capital you will be credited proportionate shares of Porsche in your portfolio.

The interest in Amount of 7.50% p.a. is credited in any case. The bond can be subscribed at a fixed price of 100% from 1,000 Euro per bond. There is the possibility that the bond can be traded flexibly and that it can be sold on a daily basis.

Not only the opportunities have to be taken into account with the Porsche bond, but of course also the risks. In concrete terms, this means that investors’ entire capital is not protected. Basically, if the share price touches or falls below the barrier on November 20, 2020, the shares are credited. In extreme cases it is possible that a total loss of the investment threatens. It should also be noted that market influences can contribute to the negative development of the value of the share. It is also possible that changes in interest rates can have a negative impact on how the value of the share develops. The investors bear the so-called issuer risk as well as the termination risk.

What does the comdirect Bank offer Depot?

In order to be able to trade the reverse convertible, it is necessary to have a deposit with the comdirect Bank. This means that you have to open this account online beforehand. One advantage that comdirect Bank’s customers can take advantage of is the fact that it is possible for Depot to be managed completely free of charge by comdirect Bank. Anyone who decides to manage a securities account in parallel with the bank’s current account does not have to pay any account management fees for both products. The customers of comdirect Bank benefit from the fact that they can take advantage of a very large portfolio. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible, for example, to trade on numerous national and international stock exchanges. The range of trading options offered by comdirect Bank is considerably wider than that of other competitors and banks.

It should also be mentioned that comdirect Bank offers a wide variety of trading products. It is possible that one decides that one subscribes for example savings products, or subscribes classical shares. So-called CFD products can also be taken advantage of at comdirect Bank. However, this requires the customer to decide in advance to open a so-called CFD account. In principle, more than 10,000 different funds can be subscribed to at comdirect Bank. It should also be noted that it is possible for customers of comdirect Bank to subscribe to numerous ETFs. Funds and of course ETFs can also be subscribed to as so-called savings plans. The selection of the savings plans is immediately adapted with the comdirect bank, so that one has in each case current products to the selection.

Actions for new customers of the comdirect bank

In the range of the shares it is to be noted that new customers profit with the comdirect bank during the first 6 months from the fact that without problems with the bank can be acted and with a discount at a value of 50% on the fees . New customers may also benefit from the fact that the bank, for example, offers the possibility of transferring a securities account from another bank to comdirect Bank and therefore receives a bonus credited accordingly. From time to time the comdirect bank rewards the customers exactly thereby and provides thus for the fact that one can have without problems the depot with a broker.

Apart from the depot there is naturally also a free clearing account with the comdirect bank, which leads to the fact that in each case the assets can be deposited there for the share purchases. The comdirect bank is clearly better set up which concerns the depot and which the commercial possibilities, than it with many other banks the case is. In addition, the bank’s support can be provided 24/7 by telephone or via chat.