British Banks With Card Blocks For Gambling

The so-called Responsible Gambling Week is currently taking place in Great Britain. Nationwide, various organisations are using this week to raise awareness about the potential dangers of gambling and to give players ways to protect themselves. The Halifax banking group also used this opportunity to present a new protection option for players. As was already the case with other banks, a blocking function for use in games of chance was introduced here. What is it supposed to do?

Credit card payments in criticism

In particular in Great Britain the use of credit cards is a classic companion. Even small things are often paid with the credit card, bets in the online casino as well. The payments are quickly done, at the same time the amount is not directly noticeably deducted from your own account. Consumer protectors in Great Britain have therefore been complaining for some time that credit cards are available for use in online casinos at all. The players would get so clearly less the feeling for their money amount, since this is to be found only in digital numbers on a screen. The experts’ guess: If the players would see the amount lying in front of them on the table, the deposit would probably be much more difficult for them.

In addition, consumer protectors also criticize the fact that the credit card is in principle played with borrowed money. The account flutters sometime in the house, up to then the money is however simply only a credit. Should players not be able to handle these financial possibilities properly, many British banks now offer a solution: A map or account block for the gambling.

Blocks by Banking App convert and lift

Recently communicated for example the British bank house Halifax that one makes a new Freeze function available to its customers for the gambling and/or credit cards. Within the Banking App of the offerer customers could settle thus the freezing by click, which seizes then immediately for all maps and accounts. If payments are made with a reference to gambling, these will be blocked by the bank. A very special trick of the Halifax app is the so-called “defrost time”. Customers can unblock the app again, but must wait 48 hours before doing so. As the company announced, they want to make sure that the players do not make impulse decisions and place impulsive stakes in the game.

Throughout these 48 hours, some players will probably rethink and the money may no longer be used for the games of chance. Elyn Cornfield, the business guide within the range consumer financing with the Halifax, explained for this: /p?

“We know that people who gamble away a higher share of their income are more likely to be under financial pressure. Therefore, we have introduced the Freeze tool to help them cope. It is important that by introducing a defrost time we help to protect those who might otherwise return to gambling impulsively.”

In addition, Cornfield stated that the bank is also working to strengthen player protection in other areas. Thus one works straight with the Warwick University on a study on possible damage by the gambling. One would like to place the results of the study then also the British gambling authorities at the disposal. The own coworkers are trained according to Cornfield in the customer service besides particularly and sensitized for the topic gambling.

Multiple banks intensify efforts

the Halifax is under no circumstances the only financial enterprise, which would like to throw in the future a stronger eye on the gambling transactions. also the Zahlungsdienstleister PayPal announced to look more exactly in Great Britain. The reason for this were searches of British media, which found out that players can use up to 150,000 pounds per day over PayPal with gambling offerers. Apart from PayPal in the past days besides several British banks went over to making similar lock functions available as the Halifax. This is an approach that is generally welcomed by consumer protectors. Dr. Heather Wardle, an expert on gambling behaviour, explained that the financial sector in digital gambling is an important link between the game and the player. For this reason, it is right and necessary for banks to take player protection seriously.

The blocking functions are also used, for example, by Barlcays, the Bank of Scotland or the HSBC Bank. In addition, the NatWest-Bank also announced a few days ago that it was particularly committed to player protection. Here one wants to make in the future unused areas available in the banks of the GamCare. Only to the own customers referred this aid facility should not be. Instead the NatWest would like to make these freely accessible. The player protection organization can use these premises then for discussion with problem players. Also here the coworkers are to be trained besides specially.

Also employments in the land based play in the focus

Round around the British Responsible Gambling Week stand however not only the employments and payments in on-line Casinos in the focus. Also the land-based area may adjust itself in the coming months again to changes. Here, too, the reason lies primarily in improved player protection. Only a few days ago the British Betting and Gambling Council was founded. As one of the first measures, this council announced a new code of conduct for the gaming industry and also announced that it wanted to raise standards for player protection. This should happen once again with a view to the so-called Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. Until a few months ago, players could still bet up to £100 per round at these small machines. That maximum bet was then limited to only two pounds per round.

In the future, the so-called Anonymous Player Awareness System (APAS) will also make forced breaks possible. The system, which is to be used throughout the country in the coming months, analyses gaming behaviour. Should the players show signs of problematic gambling behaviour, the real-time algorithm of the system recognizes this and orders a forced pause. In addition, a message is sent to the employees of the respective shop so that they can interact with the guest. So the industry’s efforts are clearly there, and the future will show how promising they are.