Comdirect Advertises With Reverse Convertible – Up To 6.5% Interest Income P.A. Via Rwe Ag

Die comdirect Bank is currently advertising an interesting bond with an interest yield of 6.5% p.a.. The fact is that the bond can be subscribed online until 6 June 2017. This is the Deutsche Bank Easy reverse convertible bond to RWE AG. It should be noted that this bond can be found under the code DM3RYD. The interest rate is paid regardless of the performance of the underlying instrument.

Zu Comdirect

What opportunities does the current bond of comdirect Bank offer?

At present, interest income of 6.5% p.a. is advertised for a fixed term of 12 months. This is paid completely independently of the performance of the share on which the offer is based. Who wants to reduce the risk of loss has the chance to use a barrier of 85%. This will only be considered on 5 June 2018 when the investment or the share is valued. It should be noted that the trading opportunity of the investment can be used every day.

The bond can be subscribed daily via comdirect Bank at a fixed price of 100%. It is possible that the bond can be subscribed for a sum of 1,000 euros or more.

What risks are associated with the bond issued by comdirect Bank?

The current bond is limited to the coupon with regard to the maximum yield. There is no capital protection for the investor. This means that the investor participates 1:1 in the performance of the underlying stock if it falls below the barrier on the valuation date.

The bonds are exposed to market influences during the entire term. This means that the value of the bond can be influenced positively or negatively. It is a fact that losses can occur up to a total loss. Investors bear the issuer risk. It should also be mentioned that the issuer may terminate the contract in the event of extraordinary events.

The comdirect Bank offers its customers corresponding bonds on an almost monthly basis, which can be perceived without any problems. Anyone looking around the net will notice that the bonds usually offer an attractive base rate, but that there is also a certain risk.

Which accounts can be held with comdirect Bank?

Customers who decide in favour of comdirect Bank can easily manage a custody account and a current account via the Internet. Those who manage the bank’s free current account online can benefit from the fact that the custody account is also offered without an account management fee. In the direct comparison it shows up that the constellation from current account and depot is very attractive with the comdirect bank.

Beyond that the bank offers also free of charge a daily money account as well as a clearing account to its customers to the depot. Who decides to finance for example a real estate, or a car as well as other things by credit, finds without problems appropriate offers with the comdirect bank.

The support of the comdirect bank is more than extensive and can be noticed without problems directly over Internet. Who looks around in the net will notice that the bank offers here clearly more support, than it is the case with many other direct banks. Support can be obtained free of charge by telephone throughout the week without any problems. The comdirect Bank support can also be used via email without great effort.

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