Gratorama: 5.000 Euro Prize Money At The Easter Egg Hunt

In a few days Easter will be celebrated. Of course, this also includes a few Easter eggs, which are distributed to the players in the form of prize money at Gratorama Casino. Up to 5.000 euro can be cleared here with the Easter egg search.

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Egg find and bonus profits secure

With the Easter egg search the Casino of Gratorama promises a price money of full 5.000 euro – and can participate in the action each inventory customer. Always, if the necessary conversion for the own VIP level was carried out, can in the garden of the casino for eggs and bonus winnings be searched for.

In each play round there are six rivets and three winnings. If a rivet is drawn, the player will still continue. The first prize the players discover is theirs. In addition, characters can also be uncovered who are also assigned a different value. How often players search for eggs they decide with their turnover.

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