South Park Slot: Netent Slot Machine Under Test – Our Review

That was bound to happen! The very controversial American comic series South Park deserves its own slot machine and who would be better suited than the unbeatable manufacturer Net Entertainment. Let’s remember that the TV series was invented by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and the first episode of the crazy adventures of Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny was broadcast in 1997. The Netent slot machine remains true to the comic and allows you to have so much fun with these naughty kids that no one would want to adopt. Do you think Kenny will finally find his luck?

This slot is really worth

The South Park slot machine is a faithful copy of the original. Everything reminds you of the comic: the snowy surroundings that remind us of the city where the protagonists live, the graphics and symbols that were designed in the style of the series and finally the completely stupid background music! Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are all represented and have their own symbol of the same name. There are also other personalities from the series, including Mr. Garrison, Butters and Ike, to name but a few. As so often with Net Entertainment, letters reminiscent of poker are used (10, J, Q, K and A).

Varying stakes are possible. The developer is particularly concerned that different types of bets are possible. So the players can play South Park without ruining themselves. A minimum bet of 25 cents is enough for one game. The maximum bet is 250€ and is especially interesting for high rollers.

Finally Kenny and his friends do something good!

At the moment you probably won’t find a slot machine that offers more bonuses than South Park. The number of bonuses is so huge that it’s impossible to describe them all! In the following overview, we would like to focus exclusively on the main bonuses, although other bonuses would also have deserved our attention. As you can already guess, the main bonuses deal with the four protagonists. Each of them has two special bonus symbols! For example, Kyle’s symbols allow you to win up to 10 free free spins. Ike even loses his balance and falls from the top of the screen. He’s uncovering an extraordinary prize! In Kenny’s mini bonus game, you can bring about his death: You have to get him on the right track. At the end of this mini-game, you can clear a multiplier bonus, make a new profit, or say goodbye to the little personality before grotesquely blessing the temporal again. Cartman also has his own personal mini bonus game: you have to shoot bushes with a snow pistol and disturb the protagonists while sleeping. Even if you could increase your original bet by 5,000 with this bonus, be careful not to disturb the policeman! Thanks to Stan you can turn all the symbols on the screen into wild symbols and collect a lot of credit !