West Game Casinos: But No Sale?

Curtain up for the next act in the drama around the WestSpiel casinos. In the last few years, these casinos have actually experienced a massive downward slide. Stupid for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, because it is also 100 percent owned by WestSpiel Casinos via the NRW Bank. The solution: a privatisation of the clammy companies. But exactly this plan could possibly be thrown over the top again. And why? That’s right, the figures for casinos have developed positively. And will obviously continue to do so in the near future.

NRW actually wanted to get rid of the four casinos

The farce around the WestSpiel casinos in NRW has meanwhile been going on for several months. For years were the four gaming houses for the federal state an enormous source of income . The conversions rose, the yields grew likewise. But some years ago the situation changed a little. The wind turned and suddenly the incomes in most the Casinos remained out. Correctly much was not earned any more. That again provided above all with CDU and FDP for it to call the plan into being to privatize the west play heap become meanwhile the Klotz at the leg. First of all not a very bad idea, after all it is not really beneficial for the country to keep a minus business with four casinos alive for years.

The search for a new owner began, but turned out to be quite complicated. No miracle: Nevertheless the gaming houses must be brought by the new owner only once again on course. The Austrian company Novomatic refused thankfully, just like the well-known Gauselmann group from Germany. The latter explained at that time over a speaker that the Casinos would need first of all a refresher cure , before someone would be interested in these. But now everything could come differently once again.

casinos develop surprisingly positively

The reason for the renewed trend change now lies in the consolidated financial statements of Westdeutsche Spielbanken GmbH for the year 2018. This was presented a few days ago by NRW Finance Minister Lutz Lienenk√§mper. And the figures are quite surprising. Thus the four casinos in the year 2018 gained obviously a Gross play yield of whole 92.3 million euro . This is a substantial increase of eleven million Euro compared to the previous year. And that’s not all. The financial statements also show that the company was able to reduce its minus from the year 2017 of seven million euros to only minus 3.58 million euros in 2018 . The deficit could thus be reduced by almost half. According to the company, the remaining shortfall results from the casino levy for charitable purposes. Whole 50 per cent are led away here by the enterprise. Although these developments can be called already enormously positive, it might continue in the coming months even better. The estimate of the Minister of Finance: The incomes will continue to rise. Thus in the year 2019 in the four gaming houses gross play proceeds of 114.9 million euro are to be gained . This would mean an increase of 25 percent compared to the already strong year 2018. And optimists even see some room for improvement. This is justified above all with the fact that in the first six months of the year with 58,3 million euro already more than half of the aimed at yield was gained.

sale gets again under fire

Exactly these numbers bring now the SPD to criticize the privatization of the Casinos again. From SPD man Stefan Zimkeit it is called for this: The privatization operated by the federal state government is no longer to be justified with the economic situation. There would be a clear positive economic development. “Under these conditions the privatization further to drive, would be a purely ideological decision on pressure of the FDP , so Zimkeit. Whether this might contribute however really to the fact that the debate becomes again again again forced around a possible sales , remains only once very questionable.

However where from it comes it actually that the gaming houses can submit suddenly so good numbers? Essentially this can be justified with the plus in the automat play . The automat play became obviously again more popular in the gaming houses, after for the play libraries and play halls by the legislator new regulations were specified. These load not only the operators and Aufsteller, but obviously also the players. So that these search with large joy the way into the next gaming house. Jens Hashagen, the Gesamtbetriebsratsvorsitzende with west play, explained for this: Only one decides whether the gaming houses plus or minus make: That is the legislator. In view of the intensified regulations for the gaming halls the legislator decided last rather for the gaming houses.

Technical guideline 5,0 presses gaming hall enthusiasm

The legislator changed the basic conditions for the automat play in gaming halls and play libraries in Germany clearly. The so-called Technical guideline 5.0 was introduced, with which for example new maximum defaults for the automats were converted. Players can lose in one hour only maximally 60 euro at a equipment. Previously this amount was 80 Euro per hour. At the same time, only maximum winnings of 400 Euro per hour are possible. This value was previously 500 euros. For the vending machine operators, the conversion was associated with an enormous effort. The devices had to be replaced or newly developed. In addition, the stationary industry has always had to struggle with sales problems . One of the reasons: Players have to unlock their machines with a player card and can thus only operate one machine at a time. For players, who played before at several automats, that is a disadvantage. The same is true for the operators, because at least less machines can only generate a lower turnover. And all that plays again obviously the gaming houses, like the WestSpiel Casinos, into the maps.